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140 Lessons (15.5h)

  • SEO Basics
    What Are Backlinks3:33
    Less = More4:41
    Structural Overview5:22
    Content & Quality3:01
    Quality via Relevance4:17
    Anchor Diversity6:42
    SEO Beyond Link Building3:21
    Building Links vs Earning Links4:36
  • Discover All The Link Types
    The 20 Types of Backlinks10:50
    Article Links3:37
    Optimize an Article19:59
    Optimize Readability7:49
    Manually Hyperlinking Anchor Text2:07
    Spintax & Link Tiers5:09
    Blog Commenting6:13
    Directory Links7:06
    Document Sharing Links8:41
    Exploit Links4:33
    Forum Links6:13
    Guest Book Links3:38
    Article Guest Posts3:23
    Image Comment Links4:12
    Indexer Links3:49
    Pingback Links3:13
    Microbloggin Links4:19
    Referrer Links4:51
    RSS Feed Links4:41
    Social Bookmark Links5:58
    Social Network Links5:53
    Trackback Links1:28
    URL Shortener Links5:10
    Video Links11:42
    Web 2.0 Links4:49
    Wiki Links4:49
    Backlinks Are Easy18:29
  • Keyword Research (The Foundation of SEO)
    Difference Between Short & Longtail Keywords5:52
    Keyword Planner7:50
    Keyword Planner Sorting9:59
    Free Keyword Research Tool6:08
    Google Auto Complete Search Engine2:15
    Keyword Research Tool
    What Are Local Keywords1:32
    Research vs Buyer Keywords6:18
    Google Auto Complete Search Engine2:15
    Paid Keyword Research Tool6:49
    LongTail Pro Keyword Research10:19
    Keyword Planner Sorting9:59
    KW Finder Keyword Research4:58
    KW Research Section3:28
  • On-Page SEO Optimization
    Optimize an Article19:59
    Optimization Guide
    Optimize Readability7:49
    Permalink Settings (WordPress or Any Website)1:02
    Yoast SEO Optimization Setup2:52
    Fastest Cache Settings5:00
    Yoast Real-Time Analysis for Any Site2:15
    All In One SEO Plugin3:05
    Cache Speed Test1:03
    Real-Time Ranking Case Study7:44
  • Local SEO (Google Maps)
    Local SEO vs Other SEOs8:05
    The 4 Pillars of Google Maps Ranking5:15
    Sign In to Google+1:22
    Keyword Planner & Sorting Breakdown15:13
    Google My Business Registration & Optimization11:35
    Descriptions Have Been Phased Out Currently1:11
    Google Review Management & Marketing18:51
    Additional Business Sites for Reviews11:44
    Google My Business5:53
    Citation SEO9:15
    What Are Citations?7:30
    An Example Citation Setup3:00
    WhiteSpark for Citation Analysis3:00
    Outsource Local Citations5:20
    The Difference in Citation Websites5:14
  • Image SEO
    Traditional SEO vs Image SEO4:38
    What is EXIF Data and How to Remove It8:21
    Image File Size Optimization11:16
    JPG vs PNG1:47
    GIF Images2:26
    Captions for Conversion Optimization5:49
    Name and ALT SEO4:36
    Adding ALT Tags to Images1:13
    Create a Sitemap for Images3:57
    The Goal of Image SEO4:05
    Google Image Off-Page SEO6:34
  • EDU Link Building
    What are EDU Links?5:53
    Google Aggregate Ranking Algorithm10:49
    Posting Comments on EDU & GOV Blogs10:15
    Creating Profiles at EDU & GOV Websites5:02
    Scholarship Backlinks from EDU & GOV Websites7:17
    Resources for EDU & GOV Websites4:10
    Resources for EDU & GOV Websites II0:41
    Top 20 EDU & GOV Backlinks
    Student Groups6:26
  • Video SEO (Google)
    2 Types of Video SEO8:12
    When to Host on YouTube and Why6:48
    Self Hosting Video Solution4:33
    Video SEO for Google6:39
    Keyword Planner for Organic & Video Rankings2:18
    Self Hosting means Self Promoting3:21
  • Video SEO (YouTube)
    YouTube Black vs White4:46
    YouTube Auto Suggest for Keyword Research8:01
    YouTube Analytics3:14
    YouTube Video SEO Optimizations4:38
    Find YouTube Tags4:17
    VidIQ Extension6:34
    Video Sitemap SEO7:03
    Rules of Engagement6:14
    YouTube Video Layout Blueprint10:41
    YouTube Comments2:00
    The Secret of Subscribers in SEO3:01
    Create a Playlist for Hard SEO Terms4:48
    Tubular and Other Tool Comparisons4:25
    YTCockpit for Keyword Research & Tracking2:48
    YouTube AdSense & Other Monetizations9:33
  • Expired Domain
    What is a 30X Redirect?4:56
    Types of 30X Redirects3:22
    How to Write the 30X Redirects6:01
    Redirection of SEO Timeline1:37
    Why You Can Lose Redirect SEO Link Juice4:35
    How Long Should I Keep These Redirects1:47
    Redirects with Google Penalties3:37
    Your First Redirect is Called Canonicalization2:40
    Why Secure Your Site2:06
    How Much SEO Juice is Passed in Google4:02
    How Much SEO Juice is Passed in Google II1:42
    3 Methods to Use Expired Domains8:58
    DomCop Overview16:28
    FreshDrop Overview17:11
  • Software
    Link Building Tiers8:18
    Tier 1 Links & Software Suggestion3:46
    Tier 2 Links & Software Suggestion6:20
    Tier 3 Links & Software Suggestion8:55
  • Screaming Frog (SEO Audit)
    Starting Your SEO Audit47:20
    SEO Audit Software Walkthrough61:56
  • Email Marketing
    100 Clicks a Day Formula7:34
    Why Email Everyday3:10
    The Attractive Character I10:00
    Attractive Character II17:40
    The Autoresponder Sequencing5:47
    Soap Opera Sequence12:55
    Seinfeld Email Sequence10:51

Improve Your Site's Visibility with 15 Hours of Coursework on Backlinking & More SEO Essentials

Zach Miller


Zach Miller has helped double the sales of multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses through sales funnels. Zach Miller also teaches on various topics that he's used in his 10+ years in online marketing: email marketing, SEO, WordPress, video marketing, and all things entrepreneurship and business ownership.


From keywords to backlinks, there's a range of different factors that influence your site's search ranking. Wrapping 16 search engine optimization (SEO) courses into one, this training will help you demystify the forces at play and develop the know-how to boost your site's search ranking. You'll explore the SEO essentials, like keywords and on-page optimization, and take an extensive dive into backlinking, learning how to include quality links that will help your site rank better in its niche.

  • Access 140 lectures & 15.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Explore the SEO essentials for images, blogs, websites, videos & more
  • Learn how to research the right keywords that will boost your site's rating
  • Discover how to improve your reach w/ insight on email marketing
  • Dive into backlinking & using quality links to improve your site's authority
  • Explore tools for on-page optimization, keyword research & more


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  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web and mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: beginner


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