Diet & Nutrition Fundamentals: The Complete Guide for Healthy Living

Diet & Nutrition Fundamentals: The Complete Guide for Healthy Living

4 Hours
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Diet & Nutrition Fundamentals: The Complete Guide for Healthy Living

16 Lessons (4h)

  • Your First Program

  • Module01NutritionandDiet - 10:53

  • Module02part1CaloriesProteinsandCarbohydratesExplained - 12:08

  • Module02part2Dietary_Fat - 12:53

  • Module03MicronutrientsSmallIntakeBigImpact - 17:58

  • Module04Energy_Metabolism - 17:20

  • Module05Food_Digestion - 10:44

  • Module06Supplements - 17:48

  • Module07Vitamins_ - 12:24

  • Module08Balanced_Diet - 20:41

  • Module09NutritionRequirementsfromPregnancyto_Teenage - 14:47

  • Module10NutritionRequirementsforAdultsandVariousGroups - 16:02

  • Module11Eating_Disorders - 15:28

  • Module12DietandNutritionRelatedDiseases - 17:19

  • Module13UseofNutritioninDifferent_IllnessesDiseases - 21:47

  • Module14DietandNutritioninSpecial_Conditions - 13:20

  • Module15TheRoleof_Nutritionist - 15:51

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Boost Your Health with 4 Hours of Content on Balanced Diet, Vitamins, Supplements, Metabolism & More

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The amount of food consumed by individuals is termed diet, while nutrition refers to how the food is utilized for metabolism and growth. We suffer from health problems when we do not consume a balanced diet and lack nutrients. This Diet and Nutrition course will teach you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and nutrition.

In this course, you will comprehensively understand diet and nutrition concepts and their functions in this course. In addition, you will learn when to consume macronutrients and micronutrients. Diet and Nutrition emphasize food digestion; this program will give you a comprehensive understanding of it. Furthermore, this Diet and Nutrition course will teach you what foods to eat based on your age and health status, the impact of various vitamins on your health, and the role of supplements on your health. Last but not least, you will receive appropriate dietary recommendations and many more.

  • Access 16 lectures & 4 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn how to maintain a balanced diet to keep your body healthy
  • Design a healthy & sustainable lifestyle
  • Create a healthy meal plan
  • Discover the benefits of vitamins & supplements
  • Learn the role of a nutritionist


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